What Does Anti-Virus Do?

What Does Anti-Virus Do?

Anti-virus software is an application or group of programs that can stop, identify, locate, and eradicate software viruses, along with other harmful software such as worms, adware, trojans, and more.

Such products are important for customers to have set up and current because a personal computer without anti-virus application applied will be attacked within minutes of linking to the web. The bombardment is continuous, with anti-virus businesses update their identification tools continuously to handle a lot more than 60,000 new items of malware produced every day.


There are many different industries that create and provide anti-virus software program and what each provides may differ but all execute some basic features:

  • Examine particular files or web directories for a malware or recognized malicious forms
  • Assist you in scheduling scans to instantly operate for you.
  • Enable you to start a scan of a particular file or of your PC, or of a CD or even flash drive anytime.
  • Eliminate any hazardous code identified –sometimes you can be alerted of an infection and required if you wish to clear the file, additional applications will instantly achieve this just out of sight.
  • Provide you with the ‘health’ of your system.
  • Continually be sure you have the perfect, updated security software setup to guard your computers, laptop computers, tablets and also smartphones.